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What our clients are saying:

  • The new Advanced LED units have improved the quality and uniformity of light beyond expectations. The feedback from our clients has been very positive as it is much easier to see in the training area. In terms of ease of change , cost saving and increased lux levels,  we are extremely pleased with the results.  

    Neil Mann, Operations Manager - Catch 22.

  • The lights in Castleford are excellent, we look forward to working with advanced leds on the next project – this was a true solar solution.

    Derek Jones, Director – Stone Solar

  • We’ve been really pleased with the installation of the new, lower carbon lights. We couldn’t believe how bright they were with such low energy use. We’re now looking for other opportunities to use them on new installations or as replacements for existing lights.

    Martyn Rayner, E.ON

  • We are very pleased with the new LED lights and look forward to the savings that we will achieve in running costs and reduced maintenance.

    Andy Beddington, Rugeley Power Station

Welcome to advanced leds

advanced  leds ltd was established in 2001  and  specialise in LED luminaires, primarily for the road and area lighting as well as industrial sectors. We offer led lights with solar and wire-less control technology

ALeds works to deliver the following objectives across all of our led lighting products:-

Highest Efficacy, Longest Life and Intelligent Technology

Delivering cost and energy efficient lighting with interactive and dynamic control

Mass Customisation

Supplying a customer lead product from modular, highly flexible luminaires

Optimised Manufacturing

Utilising JIT, Lean and Continuous Improvement with localised supply chain arrangements

Portable Production

Providing regional employment and economic growth

Supported Service

Transparency and integrity with surveys, lighting design, energy calculation, after sale and warranty



What We Do

LED Street, Amenity and Parking Luminaires offer exceptional lighting with substantial energy savings, reduced maintenance costs and carbon emissions. These can be supplied with numerous different controls including dimmers, proximity sensors and timers.

Our LED Retro-fits allows existing SOX and SON lamps to be replaced with an energy efficient LED solution. These are supplied under our Minuet range which as a literal translation from Latin means to 'lessen'.

LED Solar Lighting can provide significant reductions in carbon emissions by utilising renewable energy technologies. In regions with more day light hours PV cells can provide all the energy necessary to permanently light the units, avoiding the significant costs associated with mains cabling.

LED Flood Lighting can be used for building illumination, wall washing and architectural enhancement. Our Stingray is an energy efficient high flux LED flood light, featuring a patented indirect optical system.

LED Bay Lighting offers significant energy and maintenance cost reductions versus incumbent lighting technologies. Greater lighting levels and uniformity make LED bay lights perfect for industrial lighting requirements.