Advanced LEDs debut independent lighting control technology, Proxima.

Posted on: May 26th, 2015 - No Comments

ALEDs recently debuted their latest complimentary product, Proxima, at the ILP and Rail Alliance’s ‘Light After Dark’ event at the Quinton Rail Technology Centre.

The technology was initially developed for the needs of a large rail corporations to provide control for rail yards. Health and Safety regulations dictate that sites, some miles long in size, remain fully illuminated when as few as one operative is present on site. Whilst the safety of engineers is paramount, these requirements lead to huge amounts of energy being wasted by unnecessarily lighting areas where there is no activity. Due to the nature of the lighting at such yards, which use huge masts, proximity sensors are not an option to reduce energy consumption.

Following ongoing consultation with the client, we have designed a simple, intuitive smartphone app, compatible with any Android device. This has the ability to remotely turn luminaires off and on at the touch of a button. Using a VPN, the system communicates with the surrounding lanterns so that lighting levels can be increased as you approach. This allows the thousands of lanterns on site to be dimmed down when not needed, only running at full power when an engineer is nearby. By offering unprecedented levels of control over light levels across different areas, Proxima has the potential to save vast amounts of energy whilst conforming to Lighting levels and Safety standards.

The technology has been developed by the companies Electronics Engineer, who has progressed through Bsc and Masters in the subject since joining the company over 5 years ago.

Proxima is available on the Clara Road, Flood and Bay ranges. It is envisioned that the technology will also prove useful in all lighting applications and trials are already underway in a sporting arena so that the lighting levels can be varied according to the sport being played and the standard this is at, whether this be community, club or international standard.

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