New Product Launch ‘Linear’

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In February  ADV | LED are launching the ‘Linear,’ it is the platform for a new suite of lighting solutions which challenge convention and prepare for the potential of PoE and Laser Diode. Providing a seamless appearance it is designed to provide an innovative solution to indoor and outdoor sports, exterior feature lighting and interior accent lighting.

 It is available in 100mm modules from 200mm to 6000mm long and provides options of 1000 to 12000 lumen per metre. With IP54 to IP66 ingress ratings, silicone potting where required and IK08 and IK10 impact resistance, it meets all indoor and outdoor criteria.

 The product offers best in class efficacy and leads the market in term of light output, weight and aesthetics. The unit features the proven CXL-3 light engine which has provided failure fractions below 0.001 since 2009. It demonstrates very current innovations in board design and achieves an L90 at 100,000 hour light depreciation.  ADV | LED are also offering the new CPL-1 board, utilising Cree’s popular XP-G2 LE with the range completed by a Philips high performance module, PPL-1.

 For the first time, with no increase in weight or wind loading outdoors sports can achieve 50% energy savings by using the Linear CXL-3. It also provides interior sporting lighting levels to 750 and 1500 lux levels with similar energy savings and Sport England compliant arrangements.  The CPL-1 offers exceptional value for community and club levels sports as well as warehousing and distribution centres.  For reception areas, corridors, offices and retail environments the PPL-1 module provides a continuous and diffuse line of light.

The units can be provided curved to suit the radius of an external feature or internal bulkhead and be provided in an anodised or RAL finish. They are available for suspension or recessing and are provided with a number of optical and lens arrangements too. Over the next 12 – 16 weeks several complimentary products will be available as well. In June 2016 these products will be available with functionality such as day light sensing, colour tuning and IoT connection.

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