Our robust, versatile Flood luminaire delivers unparalleled efficiency across a variety of indoor and outdoor applications to achieve the highest energy savings and longest lifetime of any fitting available on the market. Optically directed models optimise light distribution to ensure that the Flood is suitable for the most challenging of schemes.


  • Highest performance:
    • – Delivers the highest efficacy of any flood light available on the market today, delivering unparalleled energy savings across the entire range.
    • – Market leading lifetime figures and maintenance cycles due to use of highest quality Cree LEDs and Philips drivers.


  • Quality British construction:
    • – Designed, manufactured and supported in the UK.
    • – LM6 aluminium extrusion incorporates extensive thermal management research and development to ensure junction temperature is as cool as possible through use of an interior heatsink, vastly elongating the life of the LEDs.


  • Flexibility for all applications:
    • – Multiple optical arrangements are available (entitled HU ‘Highest Uniformity’ range) to optimise light distribution according to application.
    • – Market leading efficacy available (entitled HE ‘Highest Efficacy range)
    • – Available with specialist, glare-reducing opal lens for sporting applications such as sports halls and swimming pools.
    • – IP66 sealed to ensure suitability in the most challenging of internal and external environments.
    • – Fully upgradeable in situ LEDs, driver and lens futureproofs luminaire maintenance and technological developments.
    • – Modular design facilitates a 10W – 300W range.
    • – Intelligent lighting control solutions such as CMS, DALI, 1-10V and standalone dimming are supported.


  • Fastest delivery:
    • – Made to order.
    • – 3-4 week lead time.
Product Downloads
  • 120 – 170 lumen per watt*
  • L90@100,000 hours
  • 100,000 hour Philips driver
  • 10-300 watts
  • 7 optical arrays
  • Fully upgradeable in situ
  • Driver warranty: up to 10 years
  • Luminaire warranty: up to 10 years
  • UK designed, manufactured and supported

*HE range only 170  LPW – Please refer to individual specification sheets and ADV | LED product and photometry guide lines.

  • Industrial
  • Utility
  • Leisure
  • Swimming Pools
  • Wall Washing
  • Car Parks