ProximaTM exclusively offers the power to control individual luminaires through a simple, intuitive Android app to offer energy savings of up to 99% by only lighting areas to full power when necessary. Only available on the Clara™ range of lanterns from ADV | LED.


  • Ultimate flexibility with the Android app
    • – ProximaTM allows you to dim or remotely switch lanterns on or off in areas where they are not needed, or raise levels to suit your needs. Via a node attached to the luminaire itself, the app connects to a secure Virtual Private Network and uses a DigimeshTM protocol to wirelessly control lighting levels across the scheme to reflect specific lighting needs at any given time.


  • Proximity sensing mode
    • – A proximity sensing mode enables luminaires to be at full power on approach and dim down to a controlled level, or switch off automatically. This maximises energy savings without compromising lighting performance or health and safety standards on potentially dangerous industrial sites. In large, unoccupied facilities, the ROI on ProximaTM can easily be less than one year.


  • Sports lighting
    • – Good lighting is essential for creating competitive sporting environments. By delivering appropriate lighting levels, players can perform to the best of their ability without poor, glare inducing light interfering with play. Proxima™offers the flexibility to deliver optimal levels of every standard of play, across every sport. With the ability to dim down to 1% of full power, an international level scheme instantly becomes a club level scheme, reducing energy consumption at the touch of a button.


  • Rail lighting
    • – ProximaTM was developed with the world’s second largest railway operator in order to combat rising energy costs of lighting large rail yards. In this case, the built in proximity sensing mode determines where engineers are on site, illuminating such areas to standard as they are approached. The areas are then dimmed down after no activity is detected for a certain period of time. This circumvents the need to keep an entire asset inventory running at full power unnecessarily, resulting in vast energy savings without compromising on site safety.


  • Task Lighting
    • – With Proxima™, an adaptable lighting scheme is in the palm of your hand. ProximaTM allows Facilities Managers to control light across the facility, raising light levels in areas where high lux levels are needed and reducing light levels in areas of inactivity or areas that do not require high levels.


Product Downloads
  • Wireless lighting control
  • Control individual luminaires or as group
  • Switch off completely or dim between 1-100%
  • Controllable through Android device
  • Proximity sensing mode
  • 400m range
  • Compatible with ALEDs Clara™ Road, Flood and Bay range
  • Rail
  • Shipping
  • Transport Yards
  • Sports halls
  • Swimming pools