Brewery Square

The Brewery Square is part of a £100 million major redevelopment project that sits on the former site of the Eldridge Pope brewery in Dorchester, Dorset. Boasting a 71,000 square foot retail, leisure and residential development, the modern destination is filled with tonnes of character and its unique architecture attracts over 2 million visitors a year.

As part of the regeneration project, Dorchester Town Council wanted to embrace energy efficient technologies and give the development a contemporary facelift, one that was sympathetic to the original architecture and enhanced its welcoming, vibrant atmosphere.

The team behind the development sought lighting that could give the destination a distinctive and desirable identity, allowing for the unique architecture to stand out, whilst providing a safe and secure environment for the many shoppers and restaurant goers. Attention to such detail, has seen the Brewery Square become one of Dorchester’s top attractions.

The initial concepts for the Arum, a bespoke design for the square, were detailed by Sebastian Conran to be sympathetic to the existing 19th Century architecture but also relevant to the modern mixed retail and residential functional use of the development.

The Arum is a 45W, 4000 lumen unique solar and mains feed amenity light, capable of solar generating 33KWhrs or 20% of its power usage. This sustainable solution embodies all the benefits and flexibility associated with LED lighting solutions whilst being completely maintenance free.

Featuring a solar charge controller, proximity sensors and independent dimming to conserve the battery life, Brewery Square benefits from even greater energy savings. Proximity sensors raise light levels when an increase in nearby pedestrian traffic is detected, maximising energy savings by only operating at full power when necessary.

Phase 2B of the project is set to be completed in 2016 and is set to add Dorchester South Station and Brewery Gardens to the project.