Essex- Leisure Centre- Swimming Pool

Advanced LEDs have provided a community pool design for a retrofit leisure centre in Essex, with the proposed installation due to take place in late 2016.

The design proposes a point for point installation and required complex design work to incorporate the new recently installed waterslide. This required considered lighting design to direct light into the right areas using optical configurations on our latest fittings in order to meet the required standards and glare tolerances. We have proposed a scheme that achieves 300 lux to ensure a safe and comfortable environment for pool users and lifeguards.

We plan to replace the incumbent 400W fittings with our 140W Clara Road and 200W Clara Flood fittings supplied with specialist glare reducing sports lenses. The design surpasses Sport England recommended levels of illuminance by achieving 386 lux Eav. The scheme will significantly raise light levels as well as ensuring 68% energy savings, equating to over £3,800 annually. From a financial point of view, the scheme achieves an ROI of 281% and a payback period of 3.56 years.

We have included images of the progress work on the project, alongside our own lighting designs.