Everyone Active- Stratford Leisure Centre

Advanced LEDs have designed and supplied a retrofit lighting scheme for Everyone Active’s Stratford Leisure Centre, which was installed in August 2015. The new scheme gives the leisure space an attractive upgrade whilst offering a high performance, low energy lighting scheme for all levels of competition in indoor court based sports, such as Badminton.

A UK based competitor’s design that was provided as a project brief proposed 380W LED fittings to illuminate the sports hall. Our equivalent design, which achieved higher lux levels, consumed much less energy than our competitor’s by utilising market leading 200W and 225W Clara Bay fittings to maximise energy and maintenance savings. The 501 lux, 72% uniformity design complies with Sport England ‘Premier’ Levels for Badminton and have been supplied with specialist lenses which are designed to reduce glare in sporting applications. Lux levels were verified on site post installation.

The scheme will significantly raise light levels as well as saving 51% energy, translating to a cost saving of over £4,100 annually. From a financial standpoint, the scheme achieves an ROI of 319% and a payback period of 3.14 years.