Nottinghamshire- A610

ROI 268%, 62% Energy Savings, Carbon 25,500 kgCO2

In 2012 Advanced LEDs achieved specified status from Nottinghamshire County Council to supply LED street lights across all new main route and residential schemes as well as retrofitting key strategic routes across the county.

The A610 Kimberley Bypass, connecting Nottingham and Heanor, was identified as a prime location to install the new LED lanterns after a spate of accidents in the 2 years preceding. Furthermore, aging SON lanterns were failing regularly, increasing road user risk and the incurring significant traffic management costs on a busy carriageway and roundabout.

Following a full review of the existing lighting arrangements surrounding the junction for Langley Mill / Eastwood, we designed a scheme consisting of 85W and 120W Clara™ lanterns. The energy efficient luminaires replaced the SON equivalents, ranging between 100W and 250W, previously sat atop 10 and 12m columns.

With columns of varying height lining the A610 itself, slip roads and roundabout, the complex design required us to achieve a variety of standards across ME and CE classes, further complicated by a changing road width.

Utilising narrow, medium and E20 optics, this stretch of road saw an upgrade of at least 1 lighting class with vastly improved uniformity and lux levels. Furthermore, due to lower reflectance values than its predecessors, the Clara™ completely eliminates disability glare on approach and delivers improved colour rendering to optimise lighting conditions for motorists.

The scheme is expected to achieve energy savings of 62%, equating to £5,100 annually and a payback period of under 7 years. When taking into consideration the 25 year service life of the Clara™, the overall cost of ownership represents exceptional long term value for money.