Nottinghamshire- A611

60% Energy Savings

In 2012 Advanced LEDs achieved specified status from Nottinghamshire County Council to supply LED street lights across all new main route and residential schemes as well as retrofitting key strategic routes across the county.

Identified as a key strategic route, connecting Nottingham and Ambergate, the A611 Hucknall Bypass was chosen as one of the first ME routes in the county to implement LED street lighting. After conducting a full review of the existing street lighting arrangements we proposed a scheme utilising wide and medium optical configurations. This stretch of road saw a lighting upgrade of at least 1 lighting class with vastly improved uniformity and lux levels.

Road safety experts have been quick to praise the upgrade, commenting on the safer conditions for motorists attributed to the aforementioned increase in lux levels and uniformity compared to the incumbent SON lanterns. Even during variable lighting levels conditions were described by everyone involved as a ‘significant improvement’.

Another key stipulation of the project was the provision to implement a dimming regime to reduce light levels outside peak traffic hours. Lighting levels need to be at their best during peak hours when traffic volumes are high, however outside of these hours they can be dimmed in order to further reduce energy consumption. We pre-programmed drivers to dim the light output by 50% between the hours of 10PM and 5AM, resulting in a bespoke scheme tailored to Nottinghamshire County Council’s required specification.