Places for People- Ferndown

Large: 407 lux, 55% energy savings. Dance Studio: 501 lux, 55% energy savings.

Advanced LEDs and national leisure centre operator Places for People have worked together since 2014 to improve the lighting at a number of sites across the UK. Ferndown Leisure Centre is an example of such a site, upgrading the lighting in both their dance studio and their large sports hall.

For the large sports hall, we designed a scheme that achieved 407 lux average and 75% uniformity. In accordance with guidelines, no lights are placed directly above badminton courts in order to reduce glare for players. This design required use of 18x 200W Clara Bay fittings, fitted with a specialist sports lens (A30) in order to reduce glare.

In the dance studio the client requested higher lux levels of 500 lux, which our design satisfies, with a 501 lux Eav, utilising 6x 200W Clara Bay fittings with a prismatic (A20) lens to help diffuse light.

Both the large sports hall and the dance studio utilise 55% less energy whilst benefiting from significantly improved light levels, creating a bright, welcoming atmosphere for members of the leisure facility.