Places for People- Sam Jones

Energy Savings:62%, Payback Period 2.67 years.

Advanced LEDs and national leisure centre operator Places for People have worked together since 2014 to improve the lighting at a number of sites across the UK. Recently, we were asked to review the light at Sam Jones Gym, situated in South Yorkshire.

Following a site survey, the incumbent scheme was found to be incompliant with standards, achieving around 90 lux Eav and dropping light levels in the corners on the lower level. Numerous fittings had failed and as such Places for People sought an LED solution to lower energy savings, reduce maintenance costs whilst also making the space look more attractive.

Our design utilised a point for point installation to minimise installation costs, replacing the incumbent 150W HID fittings with Clara Bay fittings consisting of 50W luminaires on the lower level and 25W luminaires on the mezzanine floor.

The lower level scheme achieved 162 lux Eav and 41% Uo whilst the mezzanine level achieved 178 lux Eav and 48% uniformity – both offering significantly improved light levels and uniformity.

From a financial standpoint, the upgrade achieves 72% energy savings – equating to a payback period of less than 18 months and annual energy savings of over £2,800. Savings will be even higher once increased maintenance cycles are accounted for.