Severn Trent Water

In 2011 ADV | LED began trials with Severn Trent Water. In 2012 we were sole specified for all exterior lighting to new-build and refurbishment projects. In addition to the exterior flood and street lighting, ADV | LED also supply interior bay and task lighting on safety critical plant.

Following an open specification tender in 2015,  ADV | LED were reappointed as sole specified suppliers after demonstrating products which exceeded competitor’s product performance by more than 20%.

Typically ADV | LED are now achieving 78 – 83% energy savings with at least the same amount of financial savings achieved as a result of our warranted ten year maintenance free operation.

With over 5,500 fittings supplied to date, Severn Trent Water can expect to achieve over £4,000,000 in energy savings over the ten year warranted life.