Somerset- Leisure Centre- Swimming Pool

Advanced LEDs have provided a swimming pool design for a leisure centre in Somerset, with the proposed installation due to take place in early 2016.

The design entails a point for point installation and implements our knowledge of indirect sports lighting techniques gained through our vast experience of designing for similar swimming facilities. On this project in particular, the archaic fittings were providing an under lit scheme with lux levels as low as 80 lux in certain areas. We have proposed a new Sport England compliant scheme that achieves 300 lux to ensure a safe and pleasant environment for swimmers and lifeguards.

We have proposed replacing the incumbent 400W fittings with our 200W Clara Flood fittings supplied with specialist optics to optimise light distribution and achieve Sport England specified parameters. The scheme will raise light levels by 275% whilst ensuring energy savings of up to 55%, equating to almost £2,000 annually. From a financial standpoint, the scheme achieves an ROI of 275% and a payback period of 3.64 years.

We have included images of the existing scheme alongside our own lighting designs for the project.