Southampton- Diving Centre- Swimming Pools

Advanced LEDs have been contracted to provide a Sport England standard lighting scheme to a prestigious diving centre in Southampton. The design will include the main pool, diving pool, leisure pool and trampoline room. As well as improving the aesthetics for pool users and spectators alike by giving the centre a contemporary upgrade; the operators of the centre can expect to see drastic reductions in energy consumption and maintenance costs over the 10 year life span.

For the main and diving pools, with our 660 lux and 72% uniformity, we designed a point for point installation to minimise costs. We will replace the incumbent 250W HID fittings with Clara Bay fittings consisting of 58x 140W luminaires, fitted with a specialist glare reducing lens for leisure applications. In addition, the spectator area is lined with 75W Floods to improve the viewing experience.

The leisure pool, fitted with a large flume slide, presented challenges in itself as we needed to 3D model the slide to simulate shadows and reflectance. The result will be an accurate scheme that upgrades the lighting in the leisure pool using 9x Clara Bay fittings in either 115W or 140W specification, replacing the traditional 250W high bays that were beginning to fail and offered inadequate light levels.

All of our products on this project, as with all of our swimming pool projects, have been supplied with 1.452 stainless steel fittings and fixings to offer protection against corrosion caused by the airborne chlorine from the pool.

We have included images of the existing scheme alongside our own lighting designs for the project.