Warwickshire- The Parade at Leamington Spa

Energy savings: 62%, Carbon savings: 70%, £4,000 annual energy savings, Payback within 5 years.

Warwickshire County Council not only required an energy efficient, low maintenance solution but one that delivered lighting levels that would improve visibility and promote safety in an area teeming with both pedestrian and vehicle traffic.

Advanced LEDs worked closely with the county council, conducting a full review of their existing lighting scheme including site surveys and energy usage calculations. With this information we were able to design an appropriate lighting scheme tailored to the unique requirements of the project, delivering greater light levels and uniformity along the length of the Parade.

We were able to provide the council with a solution that enhanced the feeling of security within the heart of the vibrant town centre which plays host to an array of shops, bars and restaurants.

Central to the lighting scheme is 39x 150W Clipper 750 HE ‘Highest Efficacy’ lanterns in wide optic configuration. Boasting market leading levels of efficacy and a service life of 25 years (L90 @100,000 hours); the Clipper has the potential for significant cost savings over its lifetime. In addition to annual energy savings of £4,000, Warwickshire CC will benefit from reduced maintenance costs valued at £2,000 annually.

Alongside the financial benefits of LED implementation, residents and tourists alike will benefit from the improved light quality afforded by the upgrade. The luminaire’s cool white light increases visibility for motorists, pedestrians and residents, thereby creating a fundamentally safer environment for those visiting the popular bars and restaurants of the Parade. The area also benefits from an aesthetic upgrade, thanks to LEDs’ superior colour rendering properties that highlight the intricacies of the surrounding Regency architecture.

Local residents also benefit from reduced light pollution, owed to the directional properties of the Clipper which results in less light being scattered and penetrating the surrounding night sky.