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Supplying luminaires designed to last for over 25 years requires robust, considered design to safeguard performance across the lifetime of the product.

We have over a decade of experience in designing LED street lights, amassing a wealth of specialist expertise that go into every product we make. This in-depth knowledge is key to remaining at the forefront of LED technology.

Our product design team utilise the highest quality components, sourcing from the UK wherever possible, to build quality, durable products. All of our luminaires are designed, manufactured and supported in the UK. Our Board of Directors combine deep understanding of engineering principles and manufacturing processes, gained through career spanning roles in directorship of global manufacturing firms in specialised, advanced industries such as the aerospace sector. Their experience and knowledge delivers invaluable insight during new and ongoing product development, providing ingenious ideas to drive forward our products.

Our design philosophy of focussing on ‘Highest Performance and Longest Life’ motivates us to design luminaires that consistently lead the market in terms of efficiency and lifetime. We invest heavily in research and development, working collaboratively with our LED supplier to continually increase specification and ensure we stay ahead of the market from a technical standpoint. Our ‘Technology Partner’ status with other key suppliers affords us access to the latest product developments before our competitors.

All of the above are key to us delivering the highest performing luminaires available on the market today. To find out more about our product design process, please get in touch.